Big Gay Family Plan

Big Gay Smiles is excited to offer you our Big Gay Family Plan where you will save on everything from cleanings and fillings to cosmetic procedures and crowns.

Membership plans

Cost: $499 annually for patients 17-Years and older. Each additional Ryder is $350 annually.
* Program excluded for members that currently have dental insurance.

Annual Benefits

  • Two Routine Exams
  • One Emergency Exam
  • Two Standard Cleanings
  • One Full Mouth X-rays
  • Two Fluoride Treatments
  • 10% off all Dental Services

Plan Advantages

  • No yearly maximums
  • No yearly deductibles
  • No claim forms or pre-authorizations
  • No pre-existing condition limitations or waiting periods (immediate eligibility)
  • No one will be denied coverage

Program Exclusions and Limitations

Our Membership is only valid at the Big Gay Smiles Dental office. This is not dental insurance. Once premium is paid, payments are non-refundable. All financial terms of Big Gay Smiles’s office are applicable to the Membership plan. Membership services are good for one year from enrollment date. They are used or lost, they are not carried over. The plan is valid for one year from the date this is signed and premium is paid. The two included cleanings are standard cleanings. Should you need periodontal maintenance, you will have 2 of these cleanings covered under the plan. Additional periodontal maintenance is 10% off your out of pocket expense. If you are diagnosed with active periodontal disease, that will require scaling and root planing. This will not be considered a “standard cleaning,” but will be discounted under the dental membership at 10% discount. Memberships are available for members who do not have insurance. This is an annual contract, therefore refunds and cancellations are not allowed.

Apply For Our Big Gay Membership

*The Big Gay Family Plan is only available for non-insured patients
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